The Real World ... Blogger Style: It's talk smack about belle week

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's talk smack about belle week

Ten things I know about belle that you probably don't.

1. Belle is secretly married to a guy in prison.
2. Belle's name really isn't belle it's Wynonna.
3. Belle is the girl on the left in a Bananarama tribute group.
4. Belle's dream is to become the Queen of the Roller Derby.
5. Belle has done crystal meth with a guy who is now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
6. Belle has a tattoo of Ryan White holding hands with Little Jon Benet as they descend into HELL on the calf of her right leg.
7. Belle used her political influence to have a guy from Luxembourg deported when he posted a revealing picture of her on the Hot Girls From Guam website.
8. Belle is the voice of Cartman's mother on South Park.
9. Belle will give you a piggy back ride if the price is right.
10. Belle knows 101 ways to kill someone with nothing more than a q-tip.