The Real World ... Blogger Style: Our anonymous commenter

Friday, March 30, 2007

Our anonymous commenter

I guess you have all seen the anonymous comments on the zonkboard. Well, today I received an email from the guy who has been making the comments. It seems that he read where Jonnie suggested that we invite him to join the blog, being that he spends more time here than anyone else. Anyway, he said that he would LOVE to join the blog, but at this time, for reasons he can't divulge for now, he is unable to join, but ...
He did say that he would like to email me occasionally and have me post for him.
I was a little leery because frankly the guy has been a bit of a jerk, but to show me that he was sincere he sent me this picture oh himself just "hanging" around his groovy bachelor pad, his words, not mine.
So what do you think, should I do it?