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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Virtual Record Store

I made a great discovery at Barnes & Nobles' discount shelf last night:

Horrifically Bad Album Covers - by Nick D1fonz0

It's full of colorful photographs of album covers which are, according to the author, horrifically bad. Such as George Milstein's Music to Grow Plants -

And this lady getting ready to deepthroat a lightbulb -

It is a hard covered masterpiece with a dust jacket and priced to go at only $9.99. I almost bought a couple of extras for gifts.

The best part of the book is when you are leafing through and notice an album that would be just perfect for you or for somebody you know.

Like this one for me -

Perfect gift for Rebel Leady Boy.

Since this blog is a virtual community, I thought I would go record shopping through this book and pick up a suitable gift record album for each of you.

For Sandra -

Music to Soothe that Tiger.

Perfect. Right down to the katzen imagery.

For Malone -

A Nite Cap with Larry.

I know Malone appreciates the super heroes.
Larry seems like he may be a super hero of sorts.

For JohnnyC -

Keep the Dogs Away - Thor.

Norse-Metal answer to Who Let the Dogs Out?

For AmyJo -

Lord, Lubricate My Bones - Rev. Clarence Henderson.

That looks like a good one.

For Rosa Posa Posa -

Ding Dong School.

No comment.

For Belle -

Teen Age Dance Party.

You can tell, by the look on that girl's face, that this album is FAB.

For Marci -

The Whole Church Should Get Drunk.

"A Soul Stirring Sermon by Rev. Dr. James Wade".


For DVL -

Organ Freak Out!

Those girls look like they're having a good time.

And for Boz -

Julie's Sixteenth Birthday.

I don't know what those two are discussing on the cover, but I can tell the guy is more happy about it than Julie is.

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