The Real World ... Blogger Style: Long Live Evil Skull

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Long Live Evil Skull

While this is not the most flattering photograph of me, I think we can all agree that the t-shirt is outstanding -

Evil Skull.

The first annual Christmas Clearance T-Shirt Exchange is certainly a success on this end - Danke Boz!

I really wasn't expecting such a high quality shirt. I can't believe anybody would stick that on a clearance rack. I bet it was a mistake. The shirt is appropriate for both me and Sandra as well as Stanley Wood.

In my right hand are assorted Halloween bendies (1 large and small Dracula + 1 large and small Frankenstein monster wearing a purple suit) which were included along with gummie worms (which Boz actually ate before mailing).

In my left hand is a fine selection of contemporary popular music for Sandra since she is MTV deprived. The Electric Six CD is great for driving and has replaced my James Brown CD. Track 12, Germans in Mexico, and track 2, I Buy the Drugs are particularly notable.

I consider the first annual Christmas Clearance T-Shirt Exchange an absolute success, even though Boz has yet to receive his package.

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