The Real World ... Blogger Style: A very bloggy Christmas continued

Thursday, December 09, 2004

A very bloggy Christmas continued

"Filth. Smut. Irony. Buggery. Bad puns. Misspellings. Inaccurate quizzes and endless discussions about spooge. I am afraid I am going to have to quarantine you all. We can't let this filthy house of ill repute spoil Christmas. I hereby declare, by Santa's orders, that this house is a No Christmas Zone."
And with that, he and his Team Members cordoned the RW...BS house in holly and exited noisily through the chimney.

The house was stunned into silence.
Suddenly Sandra started talking about Christmas in Germany, and as usual everybody tuned her out, until ...
She started talking about the Legend of the Christmas Wiener.
Sandra started, "In Germany it doesn't matter how good or how bad you are, the Christmas Wiener loves everyone".
She continued...