The Real World ... Blogger Style: My Blogger-type

Friday, December 03, 2004

My Blogger-type

You're a Tortured Celeb Blogger!
What Kind of Blogger are You?

"You tragic soul... once, lifetimes ago you wrote/drew/whatevered something that people liked, and now they won't. fucking. leave. you. alone! Whenever you pop open Outlook Express you get upwards of 5 messages DEMANDING the next chapter in your epic drammedy fantasy novella or the next part of your maudlin webcomic about Trent Reznor. Your posts are essentially a flood of apologies, explanations, and occasionally rants about your creation; you are rarely fun to read."

Typical Tortured Celeb Blog Post

"I'm rather sorry about delaying the latest chapter of Dusk Dreams, but my life is once again getting in the way. Thank you to all the dears who support me during this trying period of my life. It is quite hard to keep Dusk Dreams as dynamic as it has been for the last 10 chapters, quite hard indeed. Often I must stay up late into the night to see the shape of the latest chapter or my writing will be mediocre to say the least. I doubt many of you are able to appreciate how arduous the fan fiction formulation method is."

"Tortured soul", my ass!
Nobody has ever emailed me about my blog.
I am a failed "tortured soul".