The Real World ... Blogger Style: Now for a message from our sponsors

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Now for a message from our sponsors

Reading Pisser today got me started thinking about commercials. What tv commercials do you love? Hate?

I love
Mitsubishi (have a CD of Mitsubishi commercial music)
Dog food/cat food (as long as cartoons are not involved)
The Net Zero take offs of AOL commercials (watch for them - you can't tell the difference if you don't listen carefully)

I hate
Old Navy. Really. Hate.
That grinning guy on the erectile dysfunction medicine commercial ("he is made of wood; he will not bend") (It's a failed campaign if I don't remember the name of the medication)
Any commercial that says "Ask your doctor about [fill in the name of the medication]" and doesn't even tell you what the medication is for. Yeah, like I am going to go running to my doctor and pay $90 to find out what a medication is for! "Why, doctor...what do you mean I don't need Cialis?"

Getting better: