The Real World ... Blogger Style: screw the man!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

screw the man!

so i've been officially financially raped by my former apartments.

that's exactly what renting rape.

the bastards took $300!!!! how the hell can they do that? something about flea and deodorizing spray for $130 or something like that...and goddamn it if they didn't charge me $87 for repainting. repainting?!!! white paint, pah-leez!

this can't be legal. i can't wait till i get the sorry excuse of an itemized list with my check in about a week. so they say. shit.

i think i may just cry.

-currently unemployed RW...BS blogger: Cookie

p.s. thanks for allowing me a space to vent where there won't be any pats on that back and "there, there girl"s.