The Real World ... Blogger Style: i'm actually live...and relearning my accent

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

i'm actually live...and relearning my accent

so i've made it to virginia. by way of the south the whole way.

my father and i overestimated the size of the reserved trailer and then we underestimated my amount of shit.

so in the end i had nothing but a microwave, a microwave i love dearly, to bring to my sister (one of the items on a long list i promised to give her when we stopped in michigan). so i said, "hell no, we won't go!" and it was so.

but after a long and only semi-treacherous drive, i am safe at the family abode and currently unemployed. boy does this suck. what sucks more is that i'm back to DIAL UP. so yes, RLB, i am missing work...;)

just based on the few days that i've been back i have decided that i need to make this stay in this state as Short as humanly possible. let's just say i'm reminded all the time about why i left i the first place. :/

OH! and i'm on a mailing kick. anyone want anything that i don't have the address to, drop me a line:

yes, i have revealed my name. i'll be damned for that.