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Friday, August 08, 2008

The new online love of my life stella baby.

I received this email on by buzznet account.
Date 08/07/2008 4:23 PM
How is your day.......
I saw your profile at and some thing about you move my intress to comminicate with you so how is life treating you.
Please i want you to use this email address to write me back( so that i can give you my picture and tell you more about me ok.stay cool and enjoy your self.kisesssssssssss
Yours lovely Stella

Here is my reply.

Stella ... BABY!!!
My day is Thusdauy, how is your day?
Yes, I understand, peopl;e opften tell me how I move them, to another room, to another city, to another state, to anothyer coungtry ... lololololol
But seriosuly it is good when someone shows intress in me, and communiocating with you will ease the tension of my red headed step child existance, thank you veryilyu much.
You are a very handsome woman according to the picture you sent me, and I don't mean handsome in a lesbian sort of way either, butr seriously, if your hair were a little shorter, you certainly could pass as a lesbian, if you wanted to.
Stella ... BABY!!!
I am really looking forward to yuo telloing me more about youself, and if I may be so bold I would expecially like to hear about your experiencing the lose of your virginity, unless it was with a farm aninal or a household appliance.
Stella ... BABY !!!
You are so beautiful, please send me many mor pictures of your sel;f, and if you have any with slightly less clothing and slightly more skin I would even look at them late at night when I enjoying my self kisssssssssssssssssssssssses.
Yours truly
Li'l Boz

Stellababy's reply.


My Beloved
Its lovely reading from you today,How is your day over there and your family members?I hope every body is fine,
My name is Stella Kofia from Ivory Coast in African,I am 23years old,Fair in complexion with 5.5ft tall,Never married before.

I contacted you on the dating site after going through your profile because what i read in your profile pleases me and i said to my self that you are the right man i needed to spend the rest of my life with,I need a man of vision,love and trust.
For me i am presently living in a refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal as a result of death of my parents which took place doing the war that took place in my country,The rebels attack me and my parents when we are driving down to the air port to board our self to United Kingdom where my late father business is situated But unfortunately for us that very day,The rebels attack us on the way and killed my parents in a cold blooded before my present and when they are after my late father money and properties that is inside the car,Then i escape away from them,From there i ran away to a near by country here in Senegal to reside as refugee in other to safe guard my life on the type of sock i have when they are killing my parents before my presents.
Here my father was a very rich man well known business man in my country and out side the country But i will never tall you further secrets until i hear from you and know more about you and your eagerness to see me out of here to live a better life again,Then i will now open up to you all the secret and foundation my late father planted for me as the only child when he was alive.
I would like to know more about you.Your likes and dislikes,your hobbies and what you are doing presently including some more of your pictures,Then when i see all these,I will now open up to you and tell you the hole secret about me and also give you contact number to reach me ok
God bless you as i wait to read from you soonest,I have attached my picture for you here.
Yours Lovely Baby

My reply.

Perhaps I should tell you a little bit about myself two.
My name is Li'l Boz, and yes, that is my real name not a nickname, I took this name legally after I quit being a doctor and decidede to be a rapp star.
Alas, my parentes also died tragically. Despite the fact that they were bith former Nobel Prize winners they died in a freak accident which was also tragic when they tore the tags off a brand new bed matress anmd thje matress exploded killing them bothj, so I guess they really do mean it when they say not to remove thye tag ... loloilol, and don't worry, I am not lolololing at my parents, the former Nobel Prize winners, I am laughing with them, wherever they may be.
Excuse, but whenever I think about your personal tragedioes I need to stop and collect myself a bit. Holkd on justa second.
It didn't help. I will have to wait until next time to commisserate with you about the tragic lost of your parents at the hands of rebelos, or clowns, or whoever it was that killed them with their hands in front of your very eyes wearing only socks.
Stupid me, I always thought Senegal was a brand of m,outhwash!!! lololol
Here are some pictures of me like you asked.
One is me goofing around with my friends Chet and Britnie, and yeah, she spells it with an ie, but I think she'll grow out of it.
Another is of me being a doctor like I used to be.
And the last one is me doing my rapp star act at a local karaoke club near where I live.
Please send me more pictures of you, and if you take requests could you send me a picture of you wearing only the socks you wearing when you parents tragically lost their lives at the hands of rebels, or clowns, or pirates.
Yours truly
Li'l Boz



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