The Real World ... Blogger Style: holy crap, check this out.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

holy crap, check this out.

so this email was sent out to everyone on my email list. gmail has this great comprehensive email listing. apparently there are multiple options when you click on "Contacts". "My Contacts", "Most Contacted", and "Suggested Contacts"... i thought, hey, "Suggested Contacts" has more emails in it... well it went out, and when i got my first auto reply...i realized what i had done!

check this out, friends:

who else is looking forward to 01/20/09??!!!!

let's hear it!

what it had done was email it to everyone i've only emailed once or just a few times! how embarrassing. i wish i could bury my head in the sand. most were county employees and prospective employers. guess i won't get hired now. this could get ugly. my only condolances so far have come from RLB. he's said that he would hire me because of this. nevermind the fact that the desk jobs would require email knowledge, and i obviously don't know how to use my personal email.

the first copy that i sent out, doesn't show up in the sent folder.... wish that meant it didn't go out, but RLB said that it showed up in his work email. AHHHH!