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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boz, the scam artist.

The other day I went to McDonald's and ordered a double cheeseburger to go from the dollar menu, and I specifically asked for NO ONIONS, so when I got home of course it had onions, and of course it didn't stop me from eating it, but still, I ordered NO ONIONS, so today I went back to McDonald's and told them that they screwed up my order from the other day of three hamburgers, a large order of fries, and a large coke, so I got it all for free. So just remember next time they screw up an order just don't mention the part they screwed up, give them your whole order!


Blogger RLB said...

Once I ate most of a quarter pounder w/ cheese, then I realized the burger was pink in the middle, so I ate around the very center and took the 2 inch center with the pink middle back to the counter and told them the burger was raw.

The kid looked at me with disgust and said, "That didn't stop you from eating it, huh"? I replied, "I didn't notice until I was almost finsihed". Then I asked for another one, which the counter person reluctantly handed over.

7:13 PM  
Blogger RLB said...

JohnnyC hates cheese on his burgers.

Once when he was visiting me in Bloomington, we brought him a bag of cheeseburgers from White Castle in exchange for hooking up a pirated cable connection to our television.

At first he was thrilled for some White Castle, then when he learned the burgees had cheese on them, he refused to touch them. He said, "I hate cheese"! and I really meant it. If somebody mistakenly gave him a burger with cheese, I don't think he could eat it and return for a free-bee. I think he would shove it up their ass instead because he doesn't mess around with that monkey business.

7:17 PM  

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