The Real World ... Blogger Style: Banished to the Garage

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Banished to the Garage

Some of RLB's personal items which have been (appropriately) reassigned to the garage after marriage:

[ Click to view larger image. ]

1. "7 Chinese Gods in a Boat" statue from Hawaii (upper left)
2. Authentic Welvet Dog tapestry/beach towel (backdrop)
3. Hulk Hands
4. Shriner Collection
5. R1chard Nix0n Showerhead (not pictured)

I just wanted to commemorate these items.

And I'd like to post a few details about some of my Shriner artifacts.

First of all, the shoes are like nothing you can find at Payless:

Secondly, the fez carrying case contains internal supports, so the hat does not dent or crease:

Third: The fezes themselves are all of notably high quality. The tops are even ventilated, so you can wear them around in summer:

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