The Real World ... Blogger Style: What's in the Bag?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

What's in the Bag?

A new RW...BS challenge - Show and tell the blog what is in your day-bag.
Everybody is doing this and I think we should too.

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Contents of Rebel Leady Boy's day-bag:
Costco Gatorade
Current Bus Schedule (in case of commuting emergency)
Day Calendar/Address Book
Super Sexy Hair Goop (in case of emergency)
List of American banned books
Employee mileage reimbursement form
$100 bill tracing paper from Boz
Post-It notes
green sheet of obscure library catagorization notes
misc. notes
Other misc notes
1 package of Dentyne gum
3 packs of Orbit gum
Overpriced audio note gadget
Travel container of Excedrin Tension Headache tablets
Cell phone
2 GB flash drive
3 pens (one from an E. Tawas bank)
Chap stick
2 sharpees (one red and one metallic silver)
Spare shoe laces (in case of emergency)
Misc. important papers

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