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Monday, August 20, 2007

One Down, Many More to Follow

RLB & Sandra celebrated our 1st year of marriage yesterday. For dinner, we returned to Ti Amo restaurant on Laguna Beach where we dined on our wedding night one year ago [after our most recent move, Laguna Beach is now just a 15 minute drive on the side streets, we don't even have to mess with freeway traffic anymore]:

Sandra had the rack of lamb and RLB decided it was time to try the much-hyped kobe beef, which comes from cows which are only fed beer their whole lives and are massaged daily, resulting in a marble pattern of fat throughout the meat. I've never had steak which I was able to cut with a fork before. It was delicious. Definitely worth every penny of its steep price.

I don't think we got to sit where Mick jagger sat this time either, but we just missed Magic Johnson. The manager gave us champagne and complimentary desert at our own little privacy table complete with curtains. We asked the waiter to close the curtains and to be sure to knock before opening them again if he didn't want to walk-in on something graphic. He replied, it wouldn't be the first time.

For desert, were were given a complimentary "Italian Love Potion" - steamed cream with amaretto. Yum!

On the way out, we noticed signed menus from Paula Abdul and Geraldo Rivera, but we still haven't found Mick Jagger's or George Bush Sr.'s. Maybe they were out on the veranda.

Signed menus.

I tried to dig out the welvet poker-playing dogs tapestry which Boz sent us as a wedding gift, but it is buried in the garage along with my shriner gear and Hulk Hands.

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