The Real World ... Blogger Style: Machete!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Rebel Leady Boy & Sandra are proud to introduce our 3rd (and final) cat, Machete -

Sandra & Machete.

So now our cat trilogy is complete.

Since our other two cats are male and can get a bit uptight and territorial around each other from time to time, Sandra thought it might break the tension if we brought in a little girl who they did not perceive as a threat and it is working out very well. They are all a lot more relaxed now, which makes no sense to me, because Machete likes to continually terrorize everybody and everything.

Machete is a cat of action.

Also - Sandra refurbished a cat tree on our back porch. Disappointed with the usual browns and beiges, she stripped our green one and gave it a make-over. She is now quite handy with both the glue and staple guns.

Machete resting in Sandra's Personally Refurbished Cat Tree.

In other news, one day when our usual swimming pool had kids in it (we hate kids), we wandered over to a second one and discovered it had an outdoor spa next to it. I love jumping in there. Since our move, I'm only about 10 minutes from my workplace; so I can usually beat the neighbors to it after work.

RLB Relaxes After Work.

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