The Real World ... Blogger Style: Fill This In!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fill This In!!

1. Boz went to the Evil Empire and said what on the intercom?
2. Jonnie went to the bus station and did what to the bum in the men's room?
3. Sandra went back to Germany and said to the customs agent:
4. Malone called the White House and said this to Dick Cheney:
5. AmyJo said this as she walked off Zen Mountain:
6. belle called NBC and said this to Bob Saget:
7. Marci walked into CNN's studios and did what to Wolf Blitzer?
8. JohnnyC. called Eddie Van Halen's house and said what to David Lee Roth?
9. Rosa Posa Posa (not poseur) went to the Sydney Opera House and sang what from the stage?
10. dvl emailed Britney Spears' mom and said...

and finally...
Blogger said this to JohnnyC. after this post...