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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rebel Leady Boy's 1st Concert

Response to JohnnyC's post
RE: "Reflect on your first concert if you remember it at all"

I went to my first concert at age 16 with Duane A. It was Ozzy Osbourne's Ultimate Sin tour (I think). But the best part was that Metallica was the opening band and this was right when Master of Puppets just came out and Cliff Burton was still alive.

I snuck a Kodak disc camera into the show in the crotch of my pants (a tradition that I would keep throughout my high school years). We ran into T. Timms and Yoder there and we met some girls from Ohio.

It was during a hot summer and people in front of the stage were passing out from heat stroke, so Ozzy brought out a water hose sprayed the crowd down.

Afterwards, T. Timms and I saw a guy freaking out without a shirt on. He was fighting 3 cops and they had to electrocute him with an early model stun gun.

T. Timms took pictures of the guy being electrocuted by the police, then one of them said, "Hey!" and we ran away into the crowd.

After the concert, I think we might have gone to Arby's, but I'm not sure. That may have been a tradition that started in later years. I remember that, for some reason, we would always go to Arby's after concerts. It must've been close by.

Metallica was way better than Ozzy.

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