The Real World ... Blogger Style: Hey, belle made a post on her blog!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hey, belle made a post on her blog!!!

Ten things that belle hates

1. The Little Mermaid.
2. When her eyes start bleeding for no reason.
3. The toaster that hides under her bed.
4. People who don't share their crystal meth.
5. The fact that Star Jones is obsessed with me.
6. Oksana Baiul, and the rest of the commie bastard figure skating axis of evil.
7. When her eyes stop bleeding for no reason.
8. Ham, and ham by products.
9. That Vili Fualaau dumped her for Mary Kay Letourneau. (Vili, didn't I give you everything, why, why, why?)
10. That she never has a quarter when she really needs it.