The Real World ... Blogger Style: Are you getting the orgasms you deserve?

Monday, April 11, 2005

Are you getting the orgasms you deserve?

Sex educator Sadie Allison wants you to!

Yay for book week!

And no, I didn't buy that book and no, I never really read it either. And yes, you're not going to believe me this.

And yes, it's amazing for which things people need "how to"-books, c'mon, it ain't that difficult, just stick it in down there. And yes, sure, it also features a chapter on produce.

And how, how oh how do you become a sex educator?! I really want to know. I could be such an efficient sex educator.

Just. Stick. It. In. There.

Sex educator Sadie Allison needs some 150 pages to say that, I only needed 5 words.

Yay for book week.