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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Quiz results

Since not everyone took the quiz and since Jonnie and belle forgot to give their ages I had no idea what the actual results are, but I find it much more interesting finding out how old we thing the others in the house are, of course if I hadn't told everyone I was the oldest I'd probably be listed in the younger third of the room.
The Results ...

Boz - Youngest to oldest, Rosa, Sandra, Mad, Belle, Marci, Amyjo, Jonnie, Dvl, Nancy, Boz 54.
Dvl - Youngest to oldest, rosa, belle, marci, mad, amyjo, sandra, jonnie, dvl 35, nancy, boz.
Sandra - Rosa, Marci, Sandra 26, Mad, Belle, Jonnie, Dvl, Amyjo, Nancy, Boz.
Jonnie - Rosa, Sandra, Belle, Marci, Mad, Amyjo, Jonnie, Dvl, Nancy, Boz.
Nancy - Jonnie, Marci, Belle, Sandra, Rosa, Amyjo, Mad, Dvl, Nancy 51, Boz.
Rosa - CJ(in human years), amyjo, rosa 23, jonnie, sandra, mad, dvl, marci, belle, nancy, boz.
Amyjo - AmyJo is younger than Jonnie, Boz, Nancy and possibly DVL but older than Sandra, Rosa, Mad, Belle and Marci. As for CJ, are we talking dog years or human years? I am probably older than CJ in either case.
AmyJo is 29.
As for the kids younger than me, they all are probably in the same age
range, mid to late 20s? But haven't hit the summit of 30.
In emotional years, frankly I feel like the group curmudgeon.
I want to know people's zodiac signs and shoe sizes.

Leave it to Amyjo to make a Master's Theses out of it.

No results from Marci or Mad.