The Real World ... Blogger Style: The Beautiful People

Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Beautiful People

look at the header of the page.. we are an extrodinarily good looking bunch of people arent we! We are obviously the creme of the race.. thats what i think anyway.

I think this low fat low GI thing i have been sticking to for a whole 2 weeks now (feels like 2 years) is getting to me. For two weeks i have avoided all the food groups that i love (candies - carbs, chocolate - dairy, chips, fries, snacks etc - vegetables, delicious hot white fluffy bread.. mmmm bread plus i dont eat meat remember) and have excercised more so than usual and then yesterday i walk into a shop run by supermodels who happen to be at the counter eating McDonalds and a greasy kebab and get sneered at when i ask if they have a particular top in large. Its pretty crap, dont get me wrong i didnt think it was going to fall off, or that i would see instant results. its just insulting when you have been trying so hard and then you see a "perfect" sitting on her ass eating junk (i havnt eaten Mcdonalds, KFC, Taco Bell etc for years, 6 years infact since i gave up meat). When are people going to fucking grow up?

I think we are a gorgeous bunch of people. (and dog)

Now im going downstairs to eat a whole grain rye bread salad sandwich. (the troll thinks my black rye bread looks like charcoal)