The Real World ... Blogger Style: Dear housemates! (Boz!)

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Dear housemates! (Boz!)

I woke up with a big bruise on my right forearm this morning and I have no idea what or who (Boz?) could've caused it.

So I came to the conclusion that someone (Boz?) must have hit me while I was asleep. I don't want to judge too hastily, but it must have been someone from this house (Boz?). I have no idea who it was, though (Boz?). I'm completely neutral.

Don't worry, I won't punish you (Boz), I just want to know what's going on while I'm asleep. I mean, if there's some naked pillow-fighting or SM-orgy going on at night, for christ's sake wake me up before you involve me!!!

So, anyone wants to admit the wrongdoing (Boz?)? Or any eyewitnesses?