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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

You are cordially invited....

to do a guest post at my blog... any takers? please email me.
so am seriously having a burn out week. Arrived at work today at 7 and wont leave til at least 5 (doesnt sound so bad but after a day on your feet, yelling at nauseating children.. you are shit tired) yesterday was the same. stayed at school until 5.30 (when the cleaners close the gates) then went straight to a cafe for dinner with a colleage. then got home and wrote a number of exam papers for 7tard and others. Only one car was in the carpark when i arrived, i have had an hour and ahalf to photocopy exam papers and get started on lesson prep and report writing (as in report cards) but what am i doing? blogging... naturally!
*end whine*