The Real World ... Blogger Style: It's the same with me, Rosa

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

It's the same with me, Rosa

When Boz says "Post!" I say "How long?".

I'm so busy these days with this Business English Certificate thingy I'm trying to get and I'm also busy with researching on immigration issues (because one day, Jonnie and me want to be able to be together for more than 90 days a year).

Oh, speaking of immigration issues... somewhere in the middle of the visa process I'll have to have an interview with the American consul in Frankfurt/ Germany. He'll also hand me a form where I'll have to write my name, adress and all that crap on. One of the questions asked on that form is:

Are you a member of a terrorist organization? Yes_ No_

Damn right, why spend millions on research and complex biometric data analysis when you can simply ask?!?!

I'm not sure yet what I'll answer... I mean, I'm a catholic.