The Real World ... Blogger Style: Pool Weather

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Pool Weather

Roses have bloomed by the pool!

I've named the pink one on the left "Belle"
And the two red ones on the right are "Sandra1" and "Sandra2".

And...Dang, I hate to exclude anybody.
I think I've started something that might be difficult to finish.

I guess "Boz" is the hose, "Dvl" is the diving board.

And...umm...the light there in the rose bed? That's "Hard Artist" because it's metal and therefore hard.

Off camera, there are 2 inflatable water wings floating around - "Zann" and "Mike".

There's a snorkle that will hereby be known as "Zoot".

When I look in the water, I call my reflection "Marci" since she's my doppleganger.

Damn...what else is there? I've bit off more than I could chew.

Well, there's an empty beer bottle that I'll have to name "Gooseneck" since there's no tequila.

And "The Bored Housewife" is what I shall call the barbecue grill (but not out loud in front of the house owners).

And "Jonnie" is, of course, me.
I need to go buy beer.

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