The Real World ... Blogger Style: Quiz

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Answer these ... pilgrims.

1. What is the name of your imaginary band?
The Swingin' Bozztones

2. How many bites of liver can you take before it tastes like sand?
Three, make that two, but I haven't tried it in over thirty years.
3. Quick, you're going into an adult chat room, what's your screen name?
The Big Kahuna

4. What is your biggest sexual fantasy?
A menage a trois with three women all named Dolores, but that would be a menage a fours, so yeah, that

5. A historical figure has just asked you to go bar hopping, who would that historical figure be?
W C Fields

6. What is something you'd be embarrassed to purchase at a drugstore, but would do it anyway?
Any FemHyg product

7. Go to your CD rack or holder, close your eyes, and choose a CD at random. What is it?
We're Only In It For The Money by the Mothers of Invention

8. If there is a hell give one reason why you are going there.
I take way to many napkins when I go to the Burger King

9. If you could be a character in any movie who would you be?
Luke from Cool Hand Luke because sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand

10. If boz were your best friend what would be his greatest attribute?
His total lack of honesty.