The Real World ... Blogger Style: Universal Studios Theme Park.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Universal Studios Theme Park.

We finally made it to Universal Studios Theme Park this week and it was definitely all it's cracked-up to be - a complete action-packed entertainment experience:

The famous Universal Globe.

They have lots of new-fangled 3-D shows that incorporate actors, blasts of air & water, and moving seats so it really seems like you're actually experiencing the show in reality. Aside from the great shows, they have some great rides, such as the famous Jurassic park ride. Then everything was topped off with the famous Universal Tour. We got to go around on the movie lots. Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie were filming an upcoming movie called the Changeling and we got to check out the set. We also drove up and down Deperate Housewive's Wisteria Lane (they were filming that day too though it was after the tornado which will occur on the Dec. 2 episode (sorry, I don't give spoiler alerts). They were one of the few shows filming during the writer's strike, maybe that's why they went with the tornado idea.

Frau Thum & Sandra got to meet Frankenstein's Monster:

Frau Thum & Sandra with Frankenstein's Monster.

We also saw the Bates Motel from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, John Belushi's Death Mobile from Animal House and a bunch of other shit I don't remember. We were attacked by Jaws, drove through a very realistic simulated earthquake and god knows what all. Also, the neon ape that hangs off one of the stores in the Citywalk section, was dressed up like Santa Claus:

But what impressed me most was that they had a Marvel Mania store there with real superheros hanging around out front. We arrived fairly early, so we got to see them arrive at work in the morning (on their 4-wheelers):

Heroes Driving to Work.

Right in front of the store was a life-sized Hulk statue. I totally should've brought my Hulk Hands:
Jonnie as Rick Jones.

Yay Universal!
Yay Entertainment!

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