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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Did Somebody Say "Teen Poem"?

Here's a poem you could get up and read Jonnie.
And I've kept it clean.
This is a Midwest point of view type of poem, and should be read in a South Whitley accent.

"I need something to hide my face
Because you make it break out bad
I get wiggly in the feet when I see you
Because you work in the feed mill with my dad
Daddy says you could make a man of me
If I went back to your trailer
And Daddy says he'd be proud of me
When and if I save ya
Mama says she'd disown me
If I dirty you up and nail ya
So I have to hide my lust in a burlap bag
That is why I took ya
Back to the creek outside of town
And used a switch to flail ya
Now lay quiet while I dig the grave
Where you'll forever sleep
But damn this cheap ol' coffee can
The hole won't be that deep."

Read it live it sounds better.


Blogger Shannon said...

Nice poem. I would say it's for teenagers.
Daddy's little girl :)

Teen Chat

8:07 PM  

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