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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Current Events

Well, if anybody was concerned, you'll be glad to hear my wiki presentation went fine (and in my mind, you're all very very very concerned). Since I was showing how a wiki worked, I was talking while seated behind a computer which was having its display projected onto a wall. So nobody was looking directly at me and I wasn't standing, so everything was fine. If I were standing and everybody was looking at me, I would have been fidgety and probably would have blacked out. As it worked out though, I did fine. When I projected our branch wiki onto the wall, I was surprised to see my co-worker, Sarah, had added a huge comment to the top of the main page, so everybody viewing the presentation saw, "Yay for Jon showing everyone the cool world of WIKI. Rock on Jon!" in a large bold red font. That kind of broke the ice.

Aside from that, it's all about the upcoming public C0M1C BOOK SWAP -

C0M1C SWAP Flier.

Yesterday, I delivered a stack of fliers to a local comics store to publicize the event -

RLB - "I'm gonna publicize this"!

Aside from that, Sandra & I attended a clandestine party which was made up almost entirely of employees who had been fired from or quit my former workplace. The management there is apparently crazy, and all the people I liked are being canned in favor of kiss-asses.

I've never seen a group of former employees so happy about moving on, it was more like a celebration than anything else. I never saw anything like it before.

Guests of Honor, A&A - glad to be moving on.

What else is going on?

In anticipation of the upcoming C0M1C SWAP, I've been occassionally wearing a Naruto mask at work -

RLB as manga sensation, Naruto.

My co-worker prefers to wear the mask kind of sideways so she can read -

Sideways Naruto.

I hope SOMEBODY shows up at the swap. At least two people, so they can actually swap. If that happens, I will consider the event a success.

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