The Real World ... Blogger Style: Thanks For What...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanks For What...

So in the days leading up to Turkey Squat '06 I've been a framing contractor, an auto body man, and a mover. (Since my dad's prostate surgery he can't lift more than 10 lbs, so I'm the fucking family pack mule and grunt.) So since I can't take my aggressions out on my old man, I thought I'd do it here. And disguise it as a thanks list. (There's also one over at JB's and there will be a quiz later.)

And I can "truly" say I'm thankful for...
-The McRib sandwich at McDonald's.
-Cheap sex with unknown women.
-Jack Daniels and Jim Beam...fine businessmen.
-Fort Wayne Komet hockey...because Michigan hockey is inferior.
-Metallica and the legions of fans like me who keep it going.
-Duracell batteries.
-The Clapper.
-My comrades on this blog who allow me to write shit like this.
-Pontiac, because I'm tired of Chevy.
-___________________________ (this is a fill in the blank one...)

And for those thanks I've left out well just get in line and cry about it why don't ya???
Now go and get sloppy drunk on tryptophan tomorrow!!!