The Real World ... Blogger Style: Amyjo update

Monday, November 20, 2006

Amyjo update

She hates Krishna Das as much as most people hate John Denver.
She is a little depressed and felt like she might feel better if she could hit someone, so one of her friends took off his glasses and said she could hit him, but she couldn't do it.
She will be having Nutloaf for Thanksgiving dinner.
She wants turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. (Don't tell anyone, but I sent her a bag of Dove Chocolate Miniatures and some Slim Jims today, and maybe that will ease the "No Turkey For AmyJo" cravings.
She has been doing the Zen Vogue Icelandic Shuffle with her gay friend who is from Iceland, hence the Icelandic part of the Zen Vogue Icelandic Shuffle, and he is an awesome dancer mostly because he is a gay European, and she's just pretty good for a white girl.
I guess that's it.