The Real World ... Blogger Style: When did thedexter get all this power?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

When did thedexter get all this power?

The only knives I could find without having to get out of my chair. The Dale Earnhardt Coca Cola Race Car mouse is there for perspective.

-click da pic to enlarge-

1. The faux Swiss Army Knife, I think it might be called a Luxembougian Army Knife was purchased at the Family Dollar for fifty cents in the half off cart. The scissors work, but the hacksaw sucks. I've never actually used it for anything except to see if the scissors worked.
2. Two of the Stanley Utility knives were given to me by my brother in law, he uses them quite a bit as an electrician for General Motors. The other one I found in the street just outside my house.
3. I bought the knife, bottle opener, nail file combination back in 1971 when I was in the Air Force stationed in Japan. I actually used the knife one xmas to cut wrapping paper because I couldn't find any scissors.