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Monday, September 05, 2005

Telethon Update

Still no Charo, but she rarely shows up until a little later in the 2nd day, so I'm still confident she'll appear.

Not a lot of highlights to discuss, though there were some mildly amusing incidents like the fact that Jerry Lewis keeps calling Tony Orlando a Puero Rican.

Ms. Nguyen was interviewing a girl in a wheelchair and asked her how long she'd had her wheelchair. The girl goes, "You want me to do math too?"; which was kind of out of line. Ms. Nguyen looked visibly distraught like she'd said something wrong. It never occured to Ms. Wen that the kid might be out of line saying something like that, even though she was a victim of MD.

Ms. Nguyen with Casey Kassem - inviting viewers to pledge on their credit cards (note variant dress).

It was also funny when a local CEO pulled a check out of his jacket that was wadded up all to hell and Casey Kassem looked at him like he was street trash.

They aired a brief retrospective of the supermarket "Aisles of Smiles" program, but that's about it as far as highlights go.

Oh, and there was an urgeant message from Kenny Rogers:

OH! - And this morning, the Amish guy (photographed in the previous post) announced, "You never know when somebody's gonna be looking through their telescope and they'll say, "There it is! There's the cure!"

haha - and I'm sure he meant "microscope" rather than "telescope".
Well, you can't expect the Amish to understand science.

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