The Real World ... Blogger Style: Hair care products

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hair care products

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1. L'Oreal "Nutri Gloss" shampoo
2. L'Oreal "Nutri Gloss" conditioner
3. Dove "Pflege und Glanz Schutzmilch", that's some sort of milky leave-in conditioner for the tips of my hair
4. L'Oreal "Nutri Gloss" light leave-in conditioner spray for the main part of the hair... I'm very sentimental about the "Aussi Hair Insurance" bottle I bought with Jonnie last year so I keep refilling it with other stuff instead of throwing it away
5. L'Oreal "Hot Curl" spray for my bangs
6. Penaten "Junior Kämmspass" spray - designed for kids so they don't cry when they're combed and that's exactly what I need too

And yes, I use them all together for each and every hair wash.
And yes, that is one of the answers to the question "What the fuck is she doing in the bathroom for 2 hours?!?!?".