The Real World ... Blogger Style: Danbai

Thursday, September 01, 2005


While I was in the bathroom taking pictures of my mouthwash, I thought my bottle of Danbai shampoo from L.A.'s Chinatown was also worth of a post.

It only looks girly on the outside, it is actually a very hardcore shampoo that smells a lot like burning plastic when you rub it into your scalp. I almost think it was mis-bottled.

The label is mostly written in Chinese, but 4 points are clearly emphasized in English:

1. "Unnecessary to add other protecting elements. It is very convenient to use".
Comment - It IS easy to use!

2. "Containing rare herb...and more than ten kinds of amino acid...making the hair easilly combed. Keep hair black forever and soft".
Comment - Forever!

3. "The function is moderate and safe".
Comment - ?????

4. "Full of sweet scents of fresh apple".
Comment - No, it smells like melting plastic.

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