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Monday, March 14, 2005

The RW ... BS Chain Letter ... Sort Of

I thought for the next group activity a form of chain letter would be cool.
It is strictly voluntary, and here is how it would work.
It would start out with me.
I would write a few lines, maybe add a little artwork, a poem, stickers, whatever.
There would be a list of those taking part. I would send it to one of the names on the list.
When that person received the letter they would cross their name off the list, add a few lines, a little artwork, a poem, stickers, whatever. They would then mail it someone else on the list, it would not have to be the next person on the list, just anyone they wanted to send it to.
That person would then cross their name off the list ... etc, etc, etc.
This would continue until the last person received the letter. When they had written their few lines, did their artwork, wrote their poem, added their stickers, whatever they would mail the letter back to me. I would scan it, and post it, and if anyone were interested we could have a drawing or whatever and I would send the winner the original letter for them to keep forever and ever and ever.
I thought this would be a cool idea, because it would only cost the price of a stamp, which would make it a lot easier on our German and Australian house members, and it would just take a few minutes to complete.
If you didn't know the mailing address of the person you were sending the letter to, you could email me for their address.
That's the basics. If you are interested let me know. Since AmyJo is on vacation for the next two weeks I told her about this last Friday, and she thought it was a great idea. So that means that AmyJo and I are already in on it, and damn hasn't this post gone on and on and on.
Ok, ok, ok, just let me know if you want to participate!!!
Suggestions are also welcome.
Ok, that's really it, I'm finished.