The Real World ... Blogger Style: "The Adventures of a Craft Store Whore"

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"The Adventures of a Craft Store Whore"

I wanted to share with you roomies some of the things I make! When I’m not online writing... I’m off line getting messy and experimenting with crafty ideas. If I won the lottery I’d most definitely blow all my money at a hardware store or buying arts and craft supplies.


These earrings are actually shrinky dinks! I found great images online and after tweaking the colors in photoshop I printed them on plastic sheets and baked them in my oven. (Sometimes I tell people I baked them in a "Kiln" cause it sounds more fancy! Wink!) Afterward I attach beads and sterling silver findings with sterling silver wire. (Click on the images to see them closer) You can even use this process to make earrings with your own photos on them. It’s really easy!


These are necklaces I make from antique beads, semi-precious stones, and Swarovski crystals. I wire wrap them in sterling silver to make a unique sparkly chain. I just recently got a gig doing a wedding. I made 6 purple necklaces with matching purple earrings for a Rocker Bride and her Rocker Bridesmaids. It was a lot of fun! (Click photo for closer image.)