The Real World ... Blogger Style: The Sheen - Laborteaux Connection

Monday, January 31, 2005

The Sheen - Laborteaux Connection

It is all starting to make sense.
Belle, Nancy, Cori are you paying attention?
Shattered Spirits (1986) (Made for TV)
The cast
Martin Sheen .... Lyle Mollencamp
Melinda Dillon .... Joyce Mollencamp
Matthew Laborteaux .... Ken Mollencamp
Lukas Haas .... Brian Mollencamp
Roxana Zal .... Lesley Mollencamp
John Cougar Mellencamp .... John Cougar Mollencamp
Plot summary
A dedicated middle-class family man (Martin Sheen) has his life shattered by his uncontrolled drinking. First, he loses his job. Then, after a violent outburst at home, his wife (Melinda Dillon) files a court order to keep him away from her and their three children. To regain his family he joins Alcoholics Anonymous and his family decides to for counseling sessions. There they learn how much his drinking has controlled their lives.