The Real World ... Blogger Style: Back to school post 1

Friday, January 28, 2005

Back to school post 1

aaaaaaaagh! so tired.. already and its only after day 1!
Full details of what happened are posted on Whoa
But let me tell you.. Boz (yes our very own little bozarama) is all around my school. It started at around midday when the IT guy set me up with a username and password for the schools (eeeeeeeeeeeeextensive) computer net work (apparently the largest in a state school in the country )When he was done, he looked at me and smiled and said "now you can log on and read Boz whenever and wherever you like!" Instantly i thought that my internet (superstar) fame had preceeded me and that my famous friends(you) and i were the talk of the school!(It could happen!) But no... he was referring to the schools intranet! The in-school mail service is called Bozmail (Boz being an abreviation of the schools name) I just sat there glassy eyed trying not to crack up! All the online features had something to do with Boz. The daily notices are called The Boz bits ( And which laydee hasnt wanted to get her hands on those!) and the parent newsletter the Boz biz. Ahhh it had me giggling all day long. But then again.. i am an idiot.