The Real World ... Blogger Style: Real World Members Update

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Real World Members Update

Boz is Bhagarna the Foreign Man.
Marci is either blessed or plagued with Nipple Erectus.
Dvl may be suffering from MILF Denial Syndrome.
Belle needs to have her spleen and her breast implants removed.
Jonnie has been kidnapped by migrant workers and was last seen somewhere in the Salinas Valley.
Sandra lost the "I Have To Live With Jonnie" contest and begins her sentence at the end of the month.
MadMathias was last seen singing show tunes somewhere in the heartland of America. He does a very heartfelt rendition of Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair.
Rosa hahaha, Rosa, hahahaha, is teaching Grade 7 'tards in Australia.
Nancy is auditioning for and has the inside track on becoming the Activities Director for the house. Damn, is she perky, or what?