The Real World ... Blogger Style: Big happenings in the real world ... blogger style yesterday

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Big happenings in the real world ... blogger style yesterday

We have two new members.
Rosa Posa who has already arrived and Nancy who just needs to reply to her invitation.

Belle has already received her xmas in june package and claims that she hasn't opened it yet. Of course she works in a hospital so she has probably x-rayed it, c-scanned it, mri-d it and ultra sounded it.

Marci has yet to receive her present that was sent by UPS two weeks ago. Hopefully that will be straightened out, but just in case I have submitted marci's name to Toys For Tots, because no grad student should wake up to an empty xmas in june tree on xmas in june morning.

Big doings in the Hot Tub last night.
Jonnie, Belle, Marci and her friend Melanie, dvl, and our special guess hot tubber MadMands all showed up, and NO we didn't talk about you, well ok, yeah we probably did, but what happens in the tub, stays in the tub. So suck it.
Oh yeah, Jonnie wanted me to apologize for him and to tell Mands that he is sorry about that one incident last night and he fully intends to replace the panties that he chewed on.

That's it.