The Real World ... Blogger Style: Attention JONNIE!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2004

Attention JONNIE!!!!

After I read your post I walked my happy a** to the office and without explaining my case looking all around the office and i said:
"Who in here goes by the name of Matthews!!!!"
Well,the one lonely woman in there, looked a bit scared since I was talking to empty closets and couches. She had the look that I am so used to getting, you know the one that screams "HOLY SH*T THIS GIRL IS CRAZY, I better not make any sudden movements".

She said her name was Matthews, but she generally goes by Latrice. So I said "Suuuuurrrrrre you do, and I bet now you are going to tell me you don't steal Christmas gifts, right LATRICE MATTHEWS". I even threw in the best roll of crazy eyes I could do but it turned out a bit more Zoolander than I would have liked. She was confused since, you know, it is June, and pointed to a pile of gifts on the floor. Turns out that Mattews/Latrice was stealing gifts from EVERYONE in my apartment complex. I snatched up my gift and looked at her with "warning eyes", the kind that put the fear of god in her. I think this is definitely the last time she will try to steal my presents.

So moral of the story, I got my gift... I will wait for Christmas to open it though. If i can, self control has never been my strong suit.

Now excuse me... I have to write a letter to put on all 100 apartments about the evil that is happening in the front office.