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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

In other news ...

Blogger is still acting up and is randomly changing back and forth between the old and new template.

As you have probably noticed zann and mike have left the blog. They both contributed a lot to the blog and it's sad to see them go, but as they both said it was time for them to move on.

Monique kindly offered to fill in on the xmas in june gift exchange, but as I said in the previous post it was easier to straighten out than I thought it would be.
Thanks Monique your offer was greatly appreciated, and please continue to lurk as much as you want, who knows you may be the next person to see Jonnie's little pony as he saunters down the hall half asleep and buck naked on his way to the shower.

For now eight looks like a good number and I think we should hold off on any new members until after Xmas ... in June.

Anything on anyone else's mind?