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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Answer Me These Questions Three:

(aka. Thursday 3)

1. Past, present or future... what is the best Christmas gift ever?

2. What’s something done by strangers that annoys you beyond belief?

3. You already have socks on your feet, and you now realize that you only have the following two choices for footwear: Tevas -or- Birkenstocks. What do you do?

(As in weeks prior, a super silly amount of thanks, admiration and other such validation goes out to Andrew at NineMileDetour for writing two of the three questions this week... visit him and give him love (or call him on his shit, whichever you like). Sharing is caring, people. Also, thanks to BenBen for the other question -- who, if/when he sees this i suspect will exclaim “OMG! OMG!” and mutter something about a time machine and gorgonzola cheese.)