The Real World ... Blogger Style: I will, Boz!!

Monday, March 08, 2004

I will, Boz!!

Since i'm a little past due for posting something anyway...

okay, here's something i've been afraid to mention, but i just have to get it out there...
i'm pretty sure this place is haunted.
i mean, sometimes, when i'm dressing for bed, my bedroom door will just swing open, and there's no one there.
or when i'm in the shower, i'll feel a breeze, and a chill passes over me.
and i always feel like i'm being watched.
no matter where i go in the house, someone's eyes are following me, but when i look around, there's no one there.
one time i opened a bottle of beer and then there was a knock at the door, and when i came back--the bottle was empty.
and just yesterday i was in the attic, putting away the last of my suitcases (which are finally all empty) and there were strange whisperings and shadows, some heavy breathing, a giggle.

so is it just me or do we have a poltergeist lurking????