The Real World ... Blogger Style: You're Lopez

Monday, September 17, 2007

You're Lopez

The most atypical thing I saw this weekend -

As Sandra & I were walking back to our apartment from the pool, we happened upon four Mexican youths playing some sort of game.

They were all grade school age, there were three really young kids and a chunky girl who was probably a few years older than the rest of them.

The three boys were all on their hands and knees in a row, facing the girl.
The girl was standing in front of them, holding a toy rifle which was colored bright orange and green.

She was had assigned each of the boys a number and was addressing them as "Number One", "Number Two", and "Number Three". As we walked by, she was in the process of naming each of the boys.

Girl: "Number One, you are Lopez".
Lopez: " I want to be Mickey".
Girl: "You're Lopez".

I would hate to have played that game as a kid.
It looked like it really sucked.

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