The Real World ... Blogger Style: My Day With A Power Washer...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Day With A Power Washer...

Let me tell you my can have some serious fun with a power washer.
We rented one to clean the siding and brick on a house one of my aunt's is going to sell. JohnnyC. gets the call to run it but Juan Bodley shows up. That's where he decides that he needs to think of things to do with a power washer...
(which can run at 2000+ PSI, which is a FUCKING LOAD!!)

1. Take it to a McDonald's and scrub the face off of Ronald's head.
2. Show up at a Girl Scout charity carwash and take the paint off a Volvo, and then still ask for a donation.
3. Use it to give Dick Cheney a facial.
5. (Sorry #4 got washed away...) Take it to a truckstop and offer to hose down all the "lot lizards."
6. Show up at a sleepaway camp (like Camp Whitley, Jonnie,) and hose down the cabins so they have to close the camp.
7. Take it to the impound lot at the nearest cop shop and write "O.J. Did It You Fucknuts" on the back of an Oldsmobile. (That's the only car it would fit on!!)

Now kids, what kinds of summer cleaning projects can you think of???