The Real World ... Blogger Style: A meme

Monday, April 30, 2007

A meme

A personalized meme from Kat.

1. Which 'A List' blogger do you think is totally overrated and what the hell does he/she know, anyway?
Ok, you didn't define A List so I'll have to give my own definition of A List and my definition of A List is there is no such thing as A List blogs/bloggers, did you notice how I slipped that / in there, I learned that from you when you did he/she. Another thing, my sinus are bothering me big time, and I've taken a lot of medication, and I might get drowsy while doing this, no, drowsy isn't the word I'm thinking of, it's something like drowsy, but not exactly like drowsy, I think doped up might be a more accurate description of what I am now, and you know Kat, you should really do some more audioblogs, you were very good at that.

2. Let's pretend you get to hitch a mental ride with someone for a day, like in Being John Malkovich. Who would you 'be into' and why?
Now this is odd. Kat is from Texas, and a song by Doug Sahm just came on, and Doug Sahm is from Texas. Kat, do you know Doug Sahm, he's almost a legend down there with his Tex/Mex sound, and there, I used your / again. I think we should call that a Kat(/) from now on, pretty cool to have a punctuation mark named after you, isn't it. So, I guess it's obvious that I would have to pick Doug Sahm, because it's karma, or something, isn't it.

3. So many conflicts, so little time... You've been given the power to heal one of the world's ills, but only one. Which do you choose?
Penis envy, and that's pretty much self-explanatory.

4. There are certain celebrities the media is so fixated on there's no escaping the hype, try as you might. Which celebrities do you wish the earth would just swallow up?
Doug Sahm would top my list, that self important bastard, Tex/Mex my ass, and I guess you could add Julius and Ethel Rosenberg if they weren't already dead, and the guy who played Wyatt Earp on TV back in the 50's, and Sheri Lewis and her goddamned puppets, I mean they cancelled The Howdy Dowdy Show and replaced it with Shari Freakin Lewis and those goddamned gay ass puppets, HOWDY DOWDY, NOW THERE WAS A FUCKIN' BAD ASS PUPPET!!! I guess that's it unless you consider Dick Clark, and Dick Cavett, and anyone else with a Dick ... hahaha, unless you consider anyone else with a Dick in their name a celebrity.

5. If you could turn back time, if you could find a way, you could stop yourself, or someone else from making a monumentally stupid decision. What do you do, and sorry about the Cher earworm.
Me doing this meme, I worried about it all weekend, yeah, thanks alot Kat, where are the soft ball questions, the what's your favorite color, the what kind of tree would you be, yeah, thanks a lot Kat, and let me add something else, I think the worry that you caused me is either directly or indirectly the cause of my sinus attack, and one more thing, why the fuck do they call it a meme, it's a quiz, a survey, a questionnaire, the fucking internet has perverted everything I hold sacred!

According to internet law, see I told you it perverted everything, I have to add this little codicil, if it really is a codicil.
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions (or share here in the Comments section).
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.(OPTIONAL)
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.(OPTIONAL)