The Real World ... Blogger Style: A New Year's Offering...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

A New Year's Offering...

2006, we hardly knew ye
But we killed Saddam so we say screw ya
Jerry Ford is dead and gone
Edsel Ford still carries on
If ya drive a Chevy do you even care
If you're Chevy Chase are you still out there?
Bozzie and Jonnie and Sandra and Stanley Wood
belle chases the monkeys from the neighborhood
(And Fred Rogers cries here...)
And DVL is out there, and Malone is too
And AmyJo is chanting until 2
And Juan Bodley, well, let's forget about him...
(Wonder if Boz regrets letting him in??)
Greet 2-0-0-7 with a Faygo in hand
(Or Grapette if they don't have Redpop where you stand)
And salute the world with the middle finger
Then go out to the driveway and let your finger linger
For we all need to kick this world in the ass
Now excuse me chums I've got to nail this fine lass...

Faithfully submitted by Juan Bodley...
adieu to you 2006...what a bitch she was!!!